Casual or Formal: How to Choose the Right White Dress Shirt for You

Each man should have the white dress shirt that is in his wardrobe. It’s an essential piece that is stylish when paired with a suit or sports jacket.

Choose fabrics that are tightly knit such as broadcloth and poplin. They are excellent choices for shirts that work well when worn with a tie or jacket and are not prone to wrinkles.


No matter if you’re going to work, an appointment or even a wedding or wedding, a white dress shirt is your wardrobe staple. It’s the foundation of any formal dress and will take your wardrobe to new heights of sophistication.

The majority of dress shirts do the same, but they are all made of. When shopping for one, make sure you choose a garment that is constructed from a solid cotton blend (a strong weave like herringbone or twill can hold its shape and avoid showing through) Also, consider shirts that come by wrinkle-release or moisture-wicking technologies. These are ideal to wear when you’re traveling and want to keep your look stylish.

If you’re uncomfortable with slim cut, you can opt for a broader fit like Everlane’s All Day Oxford shirt, it combines classic cuts with an aerating linen. This shirt is an ideal choice for warmer weather, and is a great option if you’re thinking of pairing your shirt together with dark slacks or denim.

Wardrobe Essential

The white dress shirt is the basis of every traditional man’s closet. Whether you’re building your wardrobe from scratch or revamping your existing wardrobe the white oxford dress shirt is essential. Find a durable weave (pinpoint or weave,) with a spread collar that is suitable for wearing with or without a tie.

If you’re looking to not keep the traditional poplin dress shirt or broadcloth Choose a lighter cotton-like linen. This material is soft and is soft to the feel with a luxurious drape. It looks great with trousers and jeans to make casual wear and can be paired with a formal jacket or sports coat to dress down the outfit.

If you’re looking to add something patterned, go with the light blue checker or smaller red and white gingham. The designs will appear less sombre against white backgrounds and can be worn with any suit or sport coat. Be sure to stay away from large scale patterns and are best suited for relaxed shirt fabric like gingham and plaid.


Tour any guy’s closet and chances are you’ll see a white dress shirt – it’s the top choice when wearing a suit or sport coat with tied. Also, it looks great with darker business attire and formal wear like black tie (aka tuxedos).

Although it’s not a smart idea to wear large scale patterns on shirts for formal wear, If you’re looking to add something different to your wardrobe, go for a blue light dress shirt that features subtle patterns, such as a white and red windowpane. Or a light grey tattersall, or microcheck. Be sure to match the shirt with a tie that is solid.

When it comes to fabric, the most versatile white dress shirt will typically be one made of broadcloth or poplin. Both of them are made from tightly woven fabric that appear crisp and endure use and washing and check this out The collar is a crucial element to consider; a spread collar will work just as well with or without a tie and is the most classic alternative. Lastly, look for high-quality buttons made by Emma Willis or Turnbull & Assert which are crafted with mother of pearls and are thermally fused to stop them from loosening with time.


If you’re trying to make a statement with your white shirt for formal or business events choose a shirt made by a stronger weave like the Oxford cotton. It has the rigidity of poplin that is softened after a couple of washes. It’s also less prone to wrinkles, and is more durable than poplin. It’s the preferred choice of businesses such as UNTUCKit that sells Oxford cotton men’s shirts that come in different styles, from tailored to comfortable fit.

A comfortable cotton twill shirt such as this one from Sunspel is an alternative option. This classic design is an essential part of a formal suit and looks great in conjunction with a blazer, sports coat as well as dark-colored trousers in a formal evening event.

For a less formal White dress shirt try this slim model from Banana Republic. Back darting makes this tie-friendly style, while the spread collar lets you wear an open, casual collar with no tie. The soft cotton poplin is made with non-iron technologies to keep it looking fresh.